The County Trip: A Blast From My Nerdy Past March 15th, 2009 at 2:52am

Back in the summer of 2006, when I was a wee sophomore moving out of the CU dorms, I spent nine days on perhaps the nerdiest road trip ever taken. Driven by my friend Nick Bradley’s dream to visit every single county seat in the great state of Colorado (there are 64), Nick and I, along with our friends Ryan and Kristina, planned a route 3434 miles long (longer than the distance between Seattle and Miami) which visited every last nook and cranny in the state. To do this, I wrote a Python script which queried Google Maps for driving distances between each county seat in the state, and a Matlab program which approximated a Traveling Salesman solution for the matrix to give us the most efficient order in which to visit them. (I warned you it was nerdy.) If anyone thinks they could do it in much less than 3434 miles, I’d love to see a better route!

The trip was amazing: we visited some of the greatest strange tourist attractions, small towns and homemade castles in the state, and to prove that we visited each and every county seat, took a series of progressively more absurd snapshots in front of each and every county courthouse. And, since we were all engineers, we blogged the entire trip (including a map of our progress, miles traveled, and a careful log of each album listened to) from the road, at coffeeshops and truckstops, as it happened. That blog has been located here, but I’ve recently imported all the entries to my new blog on this domain. So, without any further adieu, please enjoy “The County Trip,” a nine-day road-blog, presented for the first time on

The County Trip: Finalized Map
Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

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