The County Trip Day 6: The CT Posse visits Switzerland of the Rockies May 16th, 2006 at 8:29pm

Day Six of the Colorado Journey That Just Wouldn’t End!

Last night, we ate at Ryan’s grandparents’ house in Cortez, Colorado. It was great! Not only did we eat real food, Ryan’s grandma made us strawberry shortcake! Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo, because the shortcake’s awesomeness blinded my camera. Oh well.

Another successful night of camping at McPhee Reservoir, north of Cortez. We got in late and left early, so we didn’t get to truly enjoy the site. We did, however, have another great, if small, campfire.

This is what Ryan does every time we stop for gas. I think he enjoys it a little too much, but thanks Ryan.

Today, we drove through Ouray, Colorado. Wow! The scenery in all the mountain towns is neat, but Ouray is incredible.

Ouray is located in the middle of a box canyon with huge walls. People call it “Switzerland of the Rockies.”

After leaving Ouray, we went over Red Mountain Pass, which has some very cool tunnels. This one is just a hole, bored straight through the mountain.

This one’s even cooler: It’s slanted so that sliding rocks and water can go right over it.

When we got to Silverton, it was also beautiful. However, not everything was pretty. Like this: $3.34 for the cheap stuff. It’s the most expensive gas we’ve seen so far!

In Montrose, not only do they have a Sheriff’s car, they have Sherrifs’ Posse cars. They really say posse on them! The County Trip is kind of like a posse.

For awhile, we weren’t sure where to eat lunch. However, we soon spotted a Sonic. Wow. This made the day. Here’s Nick on the SonicPhone!

And Kristina enjoying her burger…

When we got to Grand Junction this afternoon, we had some time to kill, and went to a park to be lazy for a little while. What a nice day.

Dan’s enjoying the fresh air: None of us has showered for three days, so the inside of the car is getting a little… ripe.

Ryan jumped over this table, ’cause he’s awesome like that.

After a long day in driving, we arrived in El Jebel, near Basalt, at Dan’s house. Dan’s parents greeted us with this huge sign on the lawn! Yay for parents. A house to stay at means good food, apple pie, and most importantly, showers! Stay tuned: tomorrow, we’re taking a short break, visiting only three courthouses and wandering around the Roaring Fork Valley.

We visited 6 county seats today! Here’s the proof:

Telluride, San Miguel County

Ouray, Ouray County

Silverton, San Juan County

Montrose, Montrose County

Delta, Delta County

Grand Junction, Mesa County. That’s our West Side Story snapping pose.

Our progress so far:

DAY SIX STATS:Miles Traveled – 423
Total Miles Traveled – 2547
County Seats Visited – 46
Percent of counties done – 71.9%

Telluride (San Miguel County) 5/16/06 8:50 AM
Ouray (Ouray County) 5/16/06 10:21 AM
Silverton (San Juan County) 5/16/06 11:22 AM
Montrose (Montrose County) 5/16/06 1:09 PM
Delta (Delta County) 5/16/06 2:56 PM
Grand Junction (Mesa County) 5/16/06 4:08 PM

Albums listened to:

  • The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow
  • Elliot Smith – Either/Or
  • The Who – Live at Leeds
  • Engineers – Engineers
  • The Elected – Sun, Sun, Sun
  • Pavement – Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
  • The Hold Steady – Separation Sunday
  • Death Cab for Cutie – Plans
  • Iron and Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days
  • Dave Matthews Band – Crash

4 Responses to “The County Trip Day 6: The CT Posse visits Switzerland of the Rockies”

  1. Susanne says:

    The trip continues to look great! I had fun yesterday thinking of my favorite road trip. It certainly isn’t the millions of times between Chicago and Denver- nothing like Eastern CO, Nebraska and Western IL to make Iowa look good. I loved the family 2 week trek through the south meeting up with my parents in Tuscaloosa AL where my Dad grew up. But the vote for best is a 5 hour drive between Cooperstown NY and NYC the night of the eastcoast blackout. Nothing but the full moon and the bright, close Mars lighting our way through the hills. When we approached the city it was dark except all the ships in the harbor had all their lights on providing an amazing amount of light. Thanks for encouraging thoughs of vacations past! Susanne

  2. The Hobbs Family says:

    Hey Nick and All,

    The Hobbs (actually just me, cuz everyone else is out of town or asleep) are enjoying catching up on your travels…

    My favorite road trip is just long enough to finish a book. I don’t have enough time to read, and after driving kids around for the past 16 years, road trips are no longer appealing to me. But hey, you’re young, so drive on.

    You should all do a handstand in front of a courthouse.

    Or in homage to Nick’s dad (the original courthouse man) you should all have an Ed Grimley ‘do.

    Nick, Sawyer is heading out for his Platt Choice spring trip – 5 days in Escalante Canyon. He sees your pictures on the wall in class every day…

    Kristina, you are a brave woman to hang out with guys who haven’t showered for three days.

    Due to registering to post this, I am apparently the owner of my own blog. I shall toss and turn all night trying to think of something to say.

    Love the concept, love the trip. Just be glad you didn’t grow up in Texas.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Yay for taking off the security thing! It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun!!! I love the pictures, and I am jealous you guys are learning so much about Colorado! Can’t wait to see you all!!!! Have fun on the last 30%!!!

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