The County Trip Day 3: Dogs, Nosebleeds, and the Coolest Castle Ever Built by One Dude May 13th, 2006 at 8:12pm

DAY THREE of our journey began with Blind Melon’s brilliant “Three is a Magical Number.” To see a video of Ryan’s interpretation of the song as we pulled away this morning, click here and click Save Target As…(1MB WMV file).

Last night, we stayed in Colorado Springs, at Nick’s aunt’s house.

They have the coolest dog. They call it Sammy. Nick calls it “a pathetic wisp of life.”

Here’s us, with Nick’s uncle Bill and aunt Linda in the back. Thanks, Bill and Linda! It was so nice to have a real bed and a shower!

Our travels today took us past the Colorado State Prison near Canon City. That’s where Nick’s fourth grade teacher is!

Ryan thought this man had a neat mustache/beard combination. We saw him outside Canon City.

We traveled to Bishop’s Castle in Beulah, Colorado! It was just so cool that we felt we had to give it its own page. Click here to see the Bishop’s Castle gallery! It’s amazing!

Pueblo, Colorado, has a public restroom problem. Here’s Kristina after her third attempt to find a bathroom.

I’m not sure what this photo means, but I think it’s hilarious.

Ryan got a bloody nose between La Junta and Las Animas. It lasted nearly ten minutes.

In the windy plains between Lamar and Springfield, there’s a wind farm, with huge wind turbines. If you’re really quiet, they make a strange whining noise, which I imagine would be greatly amplified on windy days.

In Eastern Colorado, everything is different! Where I’m from, Subway calls this same sandwich a “Steak and Cheese.”

We finished the day with our longest single leg between two county seats: US 160, between Springfield and Trinidad, is 121 miles long! Thats a lot of this in front of us…

…and a lot of this behind us.

Ryan got bored, so he stuck his head out the window. This is what he’d look like in 75 mph winds!

We visited 9 county seats today! Here’s the proof:

Canon City, Fremont County

Westcliffe, Custer County

Pueblo, Pueblo County

Ordway, Crowley County

La Junta, Otero County

Las Animas, Bent County

Lamar, Prowers County

Springfield, Baca County. Note: In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re spelling BACA with our bodies!

Trinidad, Las Animas County

Our progress so far:


Miles Traveled – 478.3
County Seats Visited – 9
Percent of counties done – 40.6%

Canon City (Fremont County) 5/13/06 8:18 AM
Westcliffe (Custer County) 5/13/06 9:37 AM
Pueblo (Pueblo County) 5/13/06 12:16 PM
Ordway (Crowley County) 5/13/06 1:35 PM
La Junta (Otero County) 5/13/06 2:34 PM
Las Animas (Bent County) 5/13/06 3:30 PM
Lamar (Prowers County) 5/13/06 4:14 PM
Springfield (Baca County) 5/13/06 5:27 PM
Trinidad (Las Animas County) 5/13/06 7:58 PM

Albums listened to:

  • Blind Melon – Blind Melon
  • Radiohead – OK Computer
  • Dispatch – Silent Steeples
  • The Verve – Urban Hymns
  • Blues Traveler – Four
  • Wilco – A Ghost Is Born
  • Wrens – The Meadowlands
  • Modest Mouse – The Moon and Antarctica
  • Bonnie “Prince” Billy – I See A Darkness

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  1. M&J says:

    Nice singing, Ryan, and your math skills are much improved …

  2. Delanys says:

    hey dan, make sure to get to the gator farm and that crazy ufo lady when you get to the sandunes tomorrow

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