The County Trip Day 2: A post-camp, pre-drive update May 12th, 2006 at 8:21am

A quick update from the road! Today, we’ll be visiting eight more county seats, as well as the world-famous Wonder Tower of Genoa, Colorado.

But first, a small map to show our progress as of last night. We’ll try to post one of these every day. The red line is our route, the green line is how far we’ve gotten so far:

Additionally, a couple photos from the campsite. Last night, we camped at Bonny Lake State Park! It was quite nice, and we were awoken by the sounds of coyotes having some sort of howling party not far from our tent. Neat!

Here’s our campsite. Note the lake in the background. We didn’t venture into it.

I think we were the only people in the entire state park.

PS: We’re posting from a gas station in Cheyenne Wells, CO. Wireless is great!

One Response to “The County Trip Day 2: A post-camp, pre-drive update”

  1. eileen says:

    i’ve decided you guys are the fantastic 4.

    kristina, being the only girl, defaults into jessica alba. aka invisible woman.

    if anybody is going to run around setting stuff on fire, i’m gonna bet it’s dan. except mom (kristina) probably wouldn’t let him. which is exactly what happens in the movie! so dan = the human torch.

    i’ve decided nick is stretchy so he’s mister fantastic.

    and ryan because he’s taller than everybody (right?) is the thing.

    woo! :)

    keep posting so i can vicariously enjoy the vast coolness of my dear home state!

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