The County Trip Day 1: Brush, Julesburg, and the Lonesome Crowded East May 11th, 2006 at 6:11pm

Our first day on the road! Click on any photo to see a larger version.

Things got off to a roaring start at 8am, when we packed the car.

There’s room for nary an extra crumb in the Forester’s trunk.

We’re ready to go. And still quite groggy.

Dan is stoked to be on the road.

Ryan is equally stoked.

In Fort Collins, we realize that the Courthouse Offices were different from the actual County Courthouse. Bummer.

We passed through Brush! Brush is really excited about their town’s name.

Ryan and Kristina made a sign so that random passers-by might stumble upon our blog.

Julesburg is a small town in the northeast corner of Colorado.

On our road trip, “Hey, Cow!” has been our game of choice, and involves rolling down the window, screaming “Hey, Cow!” at cows, and counting how many turn their heads.

In Julesberg, we played a variation on this game, called “Hey Julesburg!”

We took a short side trip to see Nebraska. It looks like this. The whole state.

Of course, we also worked on our main goal of photographing ourselves in front of every Colorado county court house. Without further adieu, here are those photos!

Boulder, Boulder County. (Note: from now on, we don’t trust civilians to take our photos, but use a handy dandy tripod.)

Fort Collins, Larimer County

Greeley, Weld County

Fort Morgan, Morgan County

Akron, Washington County

Sterling, Logan County

Julesburg, Sedgwick County

Holyoke, Phillips County

Wray, Yuma County


Miles Traveled – 400.7
County Seats Visited – 9
Percent of counties done – 14.1%

Boulder (Boulder County) 5/11/06 9:11 AM
Ft. Collins (Larimer County) 5/11/06 10:09 AM
Greeley (Weld County) 5/11/06 11:32 AM
Ft. Morgan (Morgan County) 5/11/06 1:09 PM
Akron (Washington County) 5/11/06 2:05 PM
Sterling (Logan County) 5/11/06 2:58 PM
Julesberg (Sedgwick County) 5/11/06 4:14 PM
Holyoke (Phillips County) 5/11/06 5:08 PM
Wray (Yuma County) 5/11/06 6:11 PM

Albums listened to:

  • Beatles – 1
  • Coldplay – X&Y
  • Destroyer – Destroyer’s Rubies
  • Violent Femmes – Add It Up
  • Ben Folds – The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner
  • Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – The Tyranny of Distance
  • You Say Party, We Say Die – Hit the Floor!
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Self-Titled

3 Responses to “The County Trip Day 1: Brush, Julesburg, and the Lonesome Crowded East”

  1. M&J says:

    Great 1st day, 400 miles and Julesberg will never forget you. Great photos, we’ll be watching you. Oh, and now we’re tempted to take our summer vacation in Nebraska, never realized you what we’ve been missing …

  2. Shiway & Dave says:

    ummm. Hi Kristina et al. This is your sister. :) LOVE the photos. might have to print out the one that appears to be a tribute to the Beatles … speak soon. love Shi

  3. eileen says:


    hi shiway & dave :)

    you guys have fabulous taste in music, and i love the pix. esp. the beatles tribute :)

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